Friday, February 28, 2014

Getting In the Miles

I am going away for the weekend, which means no time for a long run until Monday, and likely no time for even a 6 or 7 miler... so I'm doing my best to cram in the miles before I leave tonight.  OK, so the Aquarium truck needed to get to Charlestown (where we park it - Central Wharf has limited space) and I wanted to get some miles in so bam I made the decision to drive it over there and run back!

New England Aquarium transport truck parked on Central Wharf

Crossing the Charlestown Bridge (by truck)

On my way back, running along Boston's Harborwalk

After crossing back over the Charlestown Bridge (on foot), passing the new Converse headquarters building
Weekly goal = 40 miles
Long run on Monday = 18 miles
Miles so far = 18
Miles to run while in Philadelphia this weekend = only 4!

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