Monday, January 14, 2013

Team Long Run #2

We had our second team long run yesterday.  I can't speak for everyone but I thought it was a great day!  I wanted to show off Jamaica Plain to the team, so I mapped out a 12-miler through and around Franklin Park, Arnold Arboretum, and Jamaica Pond.

In Franklin Park, we ran the perimeter of the golf course, but in the upper corner is the famed cross country course used by local high schools and colleges, and was host to the 1992 world x-country championships.

An aerial view of the "Arbo", a green space owned by Harvard University, only 5 miles south of - and within the city limits of - Boston.  Founded in 1872, it is home to over 14,000 individual plants.
Jamaica Pond is a kettle pond and the largest body of freshwater in Boston. Its paved path around measures 1.45 miles and is a popular walking (no bikes allowed!) destination for Bostonians.

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